E-Z DIP BELT with Chain, PULL UP and BELT SQUAT Belt

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     WORLDS ONLY 'Dumbbell Loading' SQUAT, PULL UP & DIP BELT!

  • Dumbbell Speed Loader delivers FAST weight changes!

  •  Eliminates Chain Through Weight Plate Drama!

  • EZ on EZ off Airplane Seat Buckle, Tug N Snug Comfort Fit!

  • Patented 'Never Drop' Hook handles 200lb. Dumbbells with ease!

  • x3 Genuine Mountain Climbing Snap Hooks Left, Right, & Rear!

  • Use for Weighted Triceps Dips, Pull Ups, Belt Squat Machines, & more!

  •  Plush, non-conflicting Belt Design accommodates waist sizes 28"- 54"

  • Verified 505# Pull Tested & Guaranteed for life!

  • 'Never Drop' Hook design US Patent # 7,008,355,B2

    Squats, Triceps Dips & Pull Ups go faster with NEW 'Gen 2' EZ DIP! The perfect choice for Cross Fit, Weightlifters, and Bodybuilder's. EZ DIP is the World's Only Dumbbell DIP BELT. Anything but ordinary and built for speed, and comfort! It begins with the snap of a genuine Airplane Seat Buckle. Next a tug & snug on the waist belt for perfect fit. To follow with the Plush Comfort of a Form Fitted Waist. To Load the belt for dips or pull ups simply drop a dumbbell in the Hook. Adjust load height with either of the left or right Mountain Climbing Snap Hooks on the chain. Then commence exercise! For heavy Belt Squat Machine use or Cable Machine Lunges, attach the Rear Center Snap Hook to the resistance machine and go to work! Add to cart an optional Weight Plate Holder. To get Dumbbell & Weight Plate loading convenience along with EZ DIPS other game changing attributes. Put it all together and it becomes quite clear. This Dip Belt is a seriously Legit contender for a 'Best Overall' Dip Belt rating!

  • Pull Tested to verified 505# load rating!