HOG LEGS 'Forty Eight' Lat Pull Down Bar for Cable Back Workouts

Lat Pull Down Bar

HOG LEGS 'Forty Eight' Lat Pull Down Bar for Cable Back Workouts!

Get serious with a HOG LEGS 'Forty Eight' Lat Pull Down Bar for Cable Back Workouts! Fill those fists with Fat 1-3/4" round to pull more Weight Stack Plates like right now! Bodybuilding effects amplified further via an industry leading 'LIVE ACTION' Swivel Ring. Thats releases muscles for Latt Attack Workouts with Maximum Force on full weight stacks!

Discover how a HOG LEGS Lat Pull Down Bar can spike your cable back workouts gains. Leave those skinny steel lat bars for the dweebs. To take a step up to Big Boy world with a genuine HOG LEGS Lat Bar. Then get to building the kind of muscle mass that generates serious power. Lift More, Pull More, Grow More? Do it with a HOG LEGS 48! Your ticket to achieving ridiculous upper body results.

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