TRIBELLS 'Double Wide' The Best Rope Tricep Workout

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      12" Wide Yoke provides Optimal hand spacing & Muscle Activation.

    • Detachable domes for Single or Double hand Triceps Extensions

    • Baseball style 'palms down' grip Strengthens Forearms, Wrists, and Hands.

    • Ultra thin 'Live Wire' cables Unleash exercise movement for superior conditioning.

    • Hygienic Design Wipes Clean In Seconds.

    • USA made. Commercial Grade With Lifetime Warranty.

    • US Patent#8,491,448 B2 TM

Bust out Cable Triceps Extensions with our New TRIBELLS 'DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Domes, and common ropes just won't cut it anymore. Thats because TRIBELLS 'DOUBLE WIDE' Triceps Domes feature a 12" wide steel span. To keep hands separated during exercise for superior triceps activation. But that's not all, TRIBELLS ultra thin 'Live Wire' cables stimulate muscles even further by producing a destabilizing effect. That forces the body to maintain control of the gripping domes throughout the exercise ROM. Should you wish to Isolate each Triceps independently, simply detach a TRIBELLS dome, bend, and extend! It's not hard to understand why TRIBELLS have become the go to choice for athletes and bodybuilders. Isn't it time you forged a set of arms worthy of the cause? Then just do it with TRIBELLS 4″ 'DOUBLE WIDE' Triceps Cables.  USA made, Commercial Grade complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent#8,491,448 B2 TM