HOG LEGS Raging Boar ‘Pull-Ups’

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Hog Legs Live Action

FREE SHIPPING!! HOG LEGS Pull Up Balls take grip training to the next level! Grab a pair of RAGING BOAR BALLS. Hook to chin up bar pull and squeal. For Grip Endurance Training place the Patented Hooks on dumbbells. Then ‘Finger Tip Grip’ the Balls as long as possible while standing or walking. RAGING BOAR BALLS may also be attached to Cable Resistance Machines for Pulling and Rowing Exercises. Raging Boar Pull Ups Balls are 4″ round and fit Pull Up Bars to 1 3/4″ diameter. Made in USA with Full Lifetime Warranty. Patent# US 7,008,355 B2     Sold in Pairs