PULL UP BAR WORKOUT 'Extreme pack' by LPGmuscle

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  • U get Gripping Balls, Rings, and Patented Pull Force 'Freestyle Pull Up Handles.

  • Unleash muscles to maximize force production and training results.

  • Forever end boring fixed position pull up bar workouts.

  • All products are  USA made, Commercial Grade.

  • Lifetime replacement warranty on all.

  • Bonus Feature! Detachable hooks on Rings & Fist Full Plus deliver dozens of cable workout options!
  • US Patents #8,764,614B2 / 7,008,355B2

We created the Pull Up Workout Extreme Pack for Lifters who can't get enough of an Extreme Thing! And while this killer combo delivers on the performance promise, it also nets a a sweet 15% savings. So why wouldn't you put an end to boring fixed position chin Ups, when you can hook up and have some fun! Begin with the PULL FORCE 'Freestyle Motion' Center Pull handles. To experience a Patented grip that won't quit, and unleashed force generation! Or attach the RINGS OF FIRE for palms facing, palms away, or rotating Pull Ups. But take our advice and don't save the HOG LEGS Fist Full Plus pull ups for last! As these beauties present a serious Grip n Chin Challenge. They along with Rings may also be used for dozens of cable exercises with hooks detached! Handles come in PAIRS complete with Hook Gripper Tubes. All are USA Made, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. US Patent# 7,008,355 B2