TRD Dynamic Action Cable Gym Equipment Yoke attachments

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Yo check out these boredom busting Cable Machine Attachments for gym! It begins with the TRD 'Dynamic Action' Yoke. Which can be outfitted with a myriad of cable attachments to train Back, Arms, Shoulders & more! Designed for use with TACTI-TRICEPS, TRIBELLS, & SINGLE TRICEPS ROPES, the TRD will shock triceps with lateral instability and multiple angles of attack. Curls are also an option when our USA made Gym Cable Machine handles are selected. Or snap the TRD to Patented PULL FORCE Fat or Standard size 'Center Pull' handles. To get an instant 20% Stronger Hold on, plus 'Freestyle Motion' cables to unleash muscles for Maximum Force Generation. On exercises such as Close Grip Lat Cable Rows and Upright Rows for Delts. To use the TRD for Close Grip Chin Ups or T-Barbell Rows, simply add a Pull Up Hook to the Nylon Cable Handles, or PULL FORCE grips option. The TRD can also be used to join twin pulley weight stacks to double the resistance for back exercises. Regardless of which gym cable attachments are selected, all will definitaly inspire lame workouts. With a serious case of 'Dynamic Action' Reactions! Plus multiple new training options. All Cable Machine Attachments for Gym are USA Made, Commercial Grade, with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. US Patents apply #8,491,448 B2, #8,764,614 B2, #9,526,943 B2