HOG LEGS Subprimal D/L Bands or EZ Bar Cable Attachment

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Introducing the HOG LEGS Subprimal D/L, our latest biceps, triceps, and forearm bar. A specially designed dual cable machine bar that can also be attached to rubberized resistance. This Dual Loading feature is made possible through use of rotating attachment Hooks. Which can accept flat exercise bands and round fitness tubing or even Dual Cable Machine snap clips!. New for '24' finds the Subprimal D/L outfitted with a HOG LEGS 'LIVE ACTION' Swivel on a rotating center! This Dual Loading feature, combined with 27" of custom angled Fat Grip surface, makes the Subprimal D/L a home gym must have! A one and only EZ Cable bar that delivers the advantages of both Rubberized AND Weight Stack strength curves. The HOG LEGS Subprimal D/L is made in USA complete with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.