TACTI - TRICEPS 'Single' Cable Tricep Workouts Grips

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  • Patented Tactical Grip design for sniper like Triceps Targeting.

  • 400 pound 'Full Weight Stack' load rated!

  • 'Mobile Assault' Super Flexible Cable!

  • Use for all Triceps Rope style Push Down & Extensions!

  • Targets Tricep Long Heads with Laser Precision!

  • Natural rubber grip & protective cable sleeves.

  • Hygienic design wipes clean in seconds.

  • USA Made Commercial Grade.

  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

  • US Patent #9,526,943 B2 TM

Dumbbell Extension Extreme! TACTI-TRICEPS are the better way to single out and target Triceps Long Head muscles. Forget ineffective dumbbell kick backs. To take advantage of the Superior Muscle Loading advantages of Cable Resistance with a TACTI-TRICEP. Use these Single grips for all popular one arm triceps rope and tricep dumbbell exercises. Like Cable Triceps Press Downs, Lying or Overhead Single Cable Triceps Extensions and Cable Arm Kickbacks. For best Size and Strength Gains squeeze and hold TACTI-TRICEPS Single for 2 seconds under tension at full extension. Then follow with a 3 second lowering of weight to exercise start point. Or 90 degree elbow bend. Then explode against resistance straightening arm with authority. Repeat to set completion. Perform 3 sets of 15, 12, and 8 repetitions. Then grab a dual hand TACTI-TRICEPS Double or Double Wide. Double the weight used for TACTI-TRICEPS Single sets. Then blast out 4 Power Sets at 12,9,6,4 repetitions. While raising resistance for each successive set. Use no pauses or slow returns to complete this Tactical Triceps Workout Extreme! TACTI-TRICEPS Single's are USA made with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. US Patent #9,526,943 B2 TM