GRIP FREAK Universal Suspension Strap System for Foream Workout Tools

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  • Strap System is the perfect companion to our world class Grip Trainer

  • Standard Strap System is load rated to 150# & the PRO 400#. Both use fast release vertical adjustment buckles.
  • Strap System gives Cable Stack Machine users the option of using weight plates for resistance. To experience an exciting new strength training effect!
  • Strap System is USA Made, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

The Grip Freak Strap Suspension System is the perfect way to grip train virtually anywhere. Simply loop the strap around overhead bars, beams, or even barbells in power racks. Then attach a GRIP FREAK Wrist Roller Unit and adjust in seconds vertically to suit exercise and user height. Then 'Freak out' with a suspension system so versatile, it can be used most anywhere! To include hanging a GRIP FREAK Roller Unit from a Cable Crossover Machine with the weight stack as resistance. Why limit Grip Training to the gym? Build Grip Power anywhere, anytime with the Grip Freak Strap Suspension System. *NOTE: GRIP FREAK MULTI-ATTACH GRIP STRENGTHENER PICTURED IS NOT INCLUDED!!