Arm-Swelling Triceps Rope Workouts: A Guide

Are you tired of spinning your wheels in the gym with the same old arm routines? It’s time to electrify your tricep training with the sheer power and adaptability of tricep ropes! Known for their unrivaled ability to shake up your regimen, these ropes are your ticket to targeting every inch of your triceps, ensuring you forge arms of steel.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a battle-hardened gym veteran, mastering the use of a gym rope for triceps is a game-changer for escalating both the intensity and variety of your workouts.

Here, we’ll dive deep into the myriad of exercises that leverage the tricep rope, pushing your arm training into overdrive. From executing hammer grips that pinpoint the long head tricep to tackling maneuvers that rope in the lateral and medial heads, we're not just talking about going through the motions—we’re talking about a full-scale arm revolution.

Why Body Builders Love Gym Ropes for Triceps

When it comes to attacking the triceps, the tricep ropes have massive appeal – at LPG Muscle, it’s our most popular triceps item. The reason fitness freaks love them so much is they’re versatile and generally inexpensive compared to other products on the market (but you don’t want to go too cheap – after all, you get what you pay for).

But even with triceps ropes, workout routines often get stale and people hit plateaus, so you’ve got to mix things up with the ropes if you want to get the most out of your workouts. Here’s a few ideas to help you.

Targeting the Long Head Tricep Muscle with Tricep Ropes

That long-head tricep muscle can really make your arms pop, so a lot of folks like to target it – which you can do with the tricep ropes if you know how.

Here’s a great workout with the tricep ropes you can use for targeting the long-head tricep:


  • Set #1: Train long heads first with “rope grip” standing overhead or lying tricep extensions for 15 reps, using a weight that requires a fight to make the final 3-4 reps. 
  • Set #2: After a rest of 30-45 seconds, raise the weight and crank out a second set of 10-12 reps with perfectly controlled form.
  • Set #3: Again raise the weight, but this time stand up and face the upper pulley for tricep press downs of 8-10 Reps with clean, controlled form. While you’re doing this, angle the body to amplify the exercise resistance zone so that weight stack tension remains constant throughout the bend/extend range of motion.  
  • Set #4: Take a full 90 seconds to rest, then attack the tricep press down with the same weight as before for a final set of 15 reps to wring out the remaining triceps long head muscle

    Remember, you’ve got to keep that rope in a hammer grip as you do your long head tricep workouts. If you switch out of the hammer grip and rotate your hands (angling palms towards the floor) you will be cheating by recruiting the tricep lateral heads to the neglect of the long head targeting.

    So, keep those palms facing each other and elbows rotated in at all times while training the triceps long head!

    Training the Lateral Head Muscles with Tricep Ropes

    In contrast, if you want to train the lateral heads, you want tricep ropes or a cable attachment with a dome at the end of it large enough to cup hands over. A lot of tricep ropes on the market use balls that are too small, which is why the ones at LPG Muscle are three inches in diameter. This allows you to palm grip the balls.

    Once you have a good grip, rotate the hands outward while transitioning from long heads to short head tricep muscles. When you do this, arms come into the straight position and achieve maximum triceps short head muscle contraction. Here’s a good workout for hitting those laterals:


  • Set #1: Kneel on the floor facing the high pulley with the weight set for 15 reps of rope cable push downs. With balls cupped in palms from an arms bent position, forcefully extend downward against the resistance until arms are positive straight. Next, SLOWLY (3-4 seconds) resist the negative as you allow your forearms to rise back to the starting arms bent position and repeat to set completion.
  • Set #2: Rest for 60 seconds, then add weight and repeat the exercise for 10-12 reps with the same protocol.
  • Set #3: Stand facing cable high pulley and add weight. Then, cup balls in hand for high-intensity tricep push downs for 8-10 Reps with clean and controlled yet explosive form and maximum weight!
  • Set #4: Take 90 seconds rest, then add weight and repeat the exercise for 8 reps at maximum tricep workout weight for the day! 

    A Total Triceps Workout with Tricep Ropes

    You can work all three parts of the triceps muscle – the long head, the lateral head, and the lateral short (or medial head) – by practicing the aforementioned workout grips at least twice weekly for best results..

    Generally, you should start with the long heads rope grip when using tricep pushdown ropes, then switch over to palm grip the balls to finish off the total triceps workout. You can attack the triceps with workouts from a number of angles: overhead, lying on a bench, or bent over and stretching those arms backward to keep shocking muscles for minimum boredom and maximum growth!

    Basically, a triceps exercise using ropes involves movements (bend and extend) that contract or shorten the triceps muscle. You’re essentially trying to force your lower arm downward like a lever from the hinge point at the elbow joint. In essence that’s a tricep extension – simply pressing down against resistance with a three-headed muscle. This in turn activates the appropriate muscles within the upper arm, concluding with full arm straightening at the end of the effective movements range of motion.

    How Rope Attachments for Cable Machines Can Take Tricep Ropes to the Next Level

    Combine tricep ropes with a cable machine low pulley or pull-up bar, and you’ll have access to several workout options for other than just triceps, such as forearms, shoulders, and upper back, too!

    For example, some guys will take tricep ropes plus a pull-up hook. Or they’ll just throw those ropes over a pull-up bar and bang out chin-ups. Others will take a rope attachment cable handle, hook it to a low cable pulley and use it to train their lats with seated or squat stance lat rows. Some will do high-, low-, or mid-cable lat rows using the cable machine ropes as well for better back development. You might even do forearm curls by hooking the tricep ropes to a low pulley, and then grip that rope for reverse bicep/forearm curls – which are very effective for lower arms development.

    As you can see, tricep ropes are a versatile tool that can help you work triceps, lats, shoulders, and forearms – especially when combined with appropriate cable attachments for the gym like a universal pull up hook. And while it’s not as accurate at targeting specific muscles as, say, the Tacti-Triceps – which zeroes specifically on the long head of your triceps – tricep ropes are generally good for overall triceps training when used properly as prescribed.

    Break Through Your Plateau with LPG Muscle's Top Tricep Equipment

    At LPG Muscle, we understand the need for variety and quality in your workout equipment to help you blast through boredom and overcome stubborn plateaus. Here's how our state-of-the-art tricep ropes can revolutionize your training sessions:

    1. Extreme Performance Viper / Twisted Sisters Triceps Rope Cable

    Experience the ultimate in rope tricep training with our Extreme Performance Viper and Twisted Sisters Triceps Ropes. Whether you choose the fiery 'Red Dread' or the stealthy 'Black Momba', each rope is performance-engineered to provide a soft, flexible grip. Outfitted with robust stainless steel 3" gripping balls for maximum hold and durability, these next-level Gym Ropes for Triceps are the right choice for those who demand the very best from their workouts and weightlifting gear.

    2. MASSIVE BULL TAIL Two inch Triceps Cable Machine Rope

    Say goodbye to ordinary workouts with the MASSIVE BULL TAIL rope. This beast consists of a 2-inch thick rope designed to push your triceps and grip strength to their limits. Coated with a rubberized surface to prevent hand slippage, and paired with a patented 'Never Drop' cable attachment hook, the BULL TAIL ensures that every raging rep happens without fail on triceps, forearms, lats, and rear delts! Upgrade your lame cable machine rope with a genuine BULL TAIL. Then take hold to engage more muscle than your shirt can contain!


    For those seeking unmatched quality and performance, the TRICEPS ROPE EXTREME 'Singles' offers a longer, stronger, and softer option than typically sourced on the web. Verified to handle up to 450 pounds, this rope is built for the intense demands of serious athletes. The plush braided rope provides a cushioned grip that results in intense workouts without the hand slippage – and it prevents the wear and tear common with cheap nylon ropes for triceps.

    4. Tricep Rope Dynamic TRD Cable Attachments for Gym Yoke

    The TRD Triceps Rope 'Dynamic' PRO sets a new standard in triceps workouts. With its unique yoke design it creates for a wider hand spacing as necessary for optimal triceps muscle stimulation. The yoke also serves to inject lateral dynamic instability into the triceps cable workout to amp the training benefits of every rep far beyond that of normal double tricep ropes, which ensures deeper muscle engagement happens. It’ll give you a more intense workout that forces your triceps to next-level strength, size, and definition.

    5. TRICEP ROPE EXTREME 'Convertible' Rope for Triceps Yoke

    Flexibility meets function with the TRICEP ROPE EXTREME 'Convertible'. This innovative Steel Yoke design provides for optimal hand spacing in double wide mode, and is capable of single arm extensions thanks to  Single Tricep Rope detachable snap hooks.

    The powder-coated steel yoke enhances tricep exercise movement by inducing lateral instability, thereby optimizing the activation of dynamic muscle stabilizers during the workout in order to maintain control. This gives the user rep-for-rep results that normal gym ropes just can’t match!

    Ready to Elevate Your Workout?

    If you're serious about  triceps workouts and reaching your true potential, contact LPG Muscle today. Their ‘No Less than Excess’ Cable Machine Attachments are designed to help you acquire the muscle gains and performance improvements you fight to own.

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    About the author: Daniel Emick is a personal fitness and lifting expert, and the CEO of LPG Muscle.

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