PULL FORCE MULTIPLIER of Gym Cable Machine Weight Stacks

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Have you outgrown those 100# Dual Cable Machine Weight Stacks? Don't despair we got the solution...Double the effective training load with our New PULL FORCE 'Multiplier'! Simply attach each of its 650# Load Rated chains to your twin pulleys. Next apply Squat Belt or back pulling handle of choice to the Super Duty Snap Hook. Set each stack's desired load and get back on the climb to greatness!! The PULL FORCE 'Multiplier' comes complete with a 12" wide Main Beam, (x3) 770# Load Rated 4" Snap Hooks, and twin 12" length adjustment pulley chains. PULL FORCE 'Multiplier' is USA Made, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.     WARNING: Hi Pulley Pull Angle/Loads may exceed Dual Cable Machine FORWARD TILT LOAD LIMETS. When pulling in excess of 50% of total weight stack loads! Use caution and consult with Cable Machine owner's manual. Or machines manufacturer if in doubt.