PULL FORCE 'MAINBEAM' Modular Cable Attachments for Gym

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We are proud to introduce the PULL FORCE 'MAINBEAM' to the family lineup. This 24" long beast of a bar can be used for a wide range of Cable Machine exercises. As well Pull ups and T-bar rows when properly outfitted. With 8 incremental width adjustments (1"per), the MAINBEAM can accommodate just about any user or exercise. Cable secured adjustment pins make span changes a cinch. No need to worry about losing the pins either in a commercial gym setting. The MAINBEAM can be outfitted with Nylon Stirrup Handles for Cable Curls, Triceps Extensions, Lat Pull Downs, and Rows. Or opt for the Big Weight hold of PULL FORCE Single handles in Standard or Fat grip sizes when you're ready to push the limits. Add a Pull Up Hook or T-Barbell Ring option, for Chin Up and T-Bar Row Handles exercise variety. If you seek 'No Less than Excess' for triceps cable workouts, then go for the 'MAINBEAM Plus Balls' slide option. To experience other worldly Cable Tricep Push Downs. The MAINBEAM is made of Heavy Wall Box Tubing with a 3/8" welded Lug. You won't bend or break it so have fun trying. Regardless of which options are selected, take confidence in the fact that this USA Made bar and accessories come complete with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty