TRIBELLS 4" Double Tricep Workout with Cables Domes

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  • Triceps Rope with Patented Hi-Tech Gripping Domes.

  • Unique palms down 'Sports Grip' Superior To Triceps Ropes.

  • Ultra thin 500# Strong 'Live Wire' Cable Suspension.

  • Unleashes Muscles For Stronger Triceps & Forearms.

  • For Use With All Common Triceps Rope Style Exercises.

  • Hygienic design disinfects in seconds.

  • Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty. FREE SHIPPING!!!

  • US Patent #8,491,448 B2

Best Tricep Workouts Ever! Build more of what you train for with TRI BELLS 4" DOUBLE Triceps Cables. Featuring a Patented Design that totally out performs primitive triceps ropes. Unlike ropes, TRIBELLS also strengthen forearms, wrists, and hands, as well as triceps muscles. All achieved by way of TRIBELLS revolutionary gripping domes. Designed to be gripped like a baseball, and thrown down against weight stacks! With total exercise movement freedom as assured by TRIBELLS ultra thin 'Live Wire' cable suspension. Forge a game winning set of arms with TRIBELLS 4" DOUBLE triceps cables. Use for all double triceps ropes style exercises- cable extensions, cable press downs, rope pull downs, and more. For best results, it's recommended to perform 2 second pauses at full contraction, then release and slowly lower weight stack over a 3 second period until elbows reach full bend start position. Repeat movement to set completion. Get the Best triceps workouts ever with genuine TRIBELLS. Made in USA. Commercial grade complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. 4" TRIBELLS feature Blaze Orange protective tubing. The special edition Tribells / Tacti-Triceps combination package option features matching Blood Red cable covers. Use the TACTI-TRICEPS to sniper zap the long Triceps Heads, then bomb the lateral Triceps with the TRIBELLS for a total assault on mediocrity!