TRIBELLS Double Live Unilateral Tricep Extension Domes

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Triceps Extension Rope Gone HI-TECH!

  • Hi-Tech Gripping Domes activate more muscle!

  • 'Laterally Dynamic' Cable Pulley = Stabilizer Muscle mayhem!

  • Ultra-thin cables Unleash Muscles for Maximal Force production!

  • Patented 'Ball Style' Grip Strengthens Forearms, Wrists, Hands.

  • Use for Triceps Press Downs, Triceps Extensions, Triceps Pull Down.

  • Hygienic Design Wipes Clean In Seconds.

  • USA Made Commercial Grade with Lifetime Warranty.

  • US Patent# 8,491,448,B2 TM

Triceps Push Down gone wild! TRI BELLS 4" 'Double Live' is a Revolutionary cable machine handles system. It combines a pulley with Patented Gripping Domes. Plus ultra-thin 'Live Wire' cables. To deliver a crazy new 'Triceps Extension Dimension'. That forces Triceps, Forearm, and Hands muscles to fight for lateral control during exercise. To maximize Tricep Workout training effects, attach the TRI BELLS unit to cable resistance machine. Next, grip domes palms down, with cables between thumb and pointer finger. Set weight, and level left/right gripping domes with arms bent at 90 degrees. Slowly extend arms against weight stack resistance. Maintain equal cable length throughout exercise range of motion. When full extension is achieved, reverse hands direction and lower weight stack. Taking 3-4 seconds to lower weight. Repeat to set completion. TRIBELLS 4" DOUBLE 'LIVE' Triceps Cables are perfect for cable triceps press downs, overhead standing, or bench lying triceps extensions exercises. TRIBELLS 4" Double Live is Made in USA. Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent# 8,491,448,B2 TM