CONVERTIBLE PLUS Suppa Set Double Rope Tricep Push Down

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Introducing our latest creation! The Triceps targeting CONVERTIBLE PLUS 'Super Set' yoke. For use with single TRICEPS ROPES. The CONVERTIBLE PLUS unique yoke design provides dual 1-3/4" solid mounted gripping handles. Which gives lifters the ability to instantly Super Set cable bar Press Downs, with Rope Extensions. Without the need to exchange handles and attach a cable bar. End result? Increased exercise intensity / Triceps density! Because all three Triceps Heads are targeted during the rope/handles Super Set! It's a fact the CONVERTIBLE PLUS SS will seriously wake up lame ass workouts. As well the ropes can be *instantly removed for single arm isolation with Snap Hook option. CONVERTIBLE PLUS SS is made of 3/16" Welded & baked Powder Coated Steel. It comes complete with options of your choosing. Ropes are premium Super Duty Ring equipped! All backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.