EZ SQUAT Handles System Squat Machine Squat Attachment

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  • Simply load Olympic Plates on shaft, assume position, lift handles, rise and squat!

  • Say goodbye to injured backs, and skinned shins forever!

  • EZ SQUAT perfectly centers load for optimal Legs & Buttocks targeting!

  • EZ SQUAT design efficiency nets lifters more exercise results with less weight, making it perfect for home gym weight plate limitations.

  • EZ SQUAT accepts up to six 45# *Olympic Weight Plates!

  • USA Made Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

  • US Patent #9,498,676

Barbell Squats rule for some. But if spinal loads are not cool with you take heart! EZ SQUAT Weight Plate is a faster, safer, more comfortable way to Squat and Deadlift. Featuring Patented Handles that release when lowered to add or remove weight plates. Then lock into position when raised for the squat exercise. Unlike common barbell leg exercises, EZ SQUAT tucks weight safely close to body center. And off of spine, shins, and thighs! To maximize applied weight effectiveness, while retaining laser focused targeting of Legs and Buttocks! EZ SQUAT, unlike barbells is unintimidating and simple to use and instruct. EZ SQUAT's economical price tag adds even more reason to invest in a perfect squat. As an added benefit, the EZ SQUAT Weight Plate base can be used with the *optional DUAL MODE Dumbbell Hook / Weight Plate loader. As a way to load Dip & Squat belts etc. for extra versatility. 

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: lower handles and remove assembly from base. Next, place desired weight plates onto base shaft. With handles pointing downward, place assembly back onto unit base shaft. Position body directly over unit. Assume a wider than shoulder width foot stance. With toes angled slightly outward, squat, and grasp EZ SQUATS handles. Keep your head up, chest out and lower back arched, then push body upward with legs. For optimal results, lower body slowly during a three second span. Once bottom end of exercise is reached, drive upward forcefully with legs. 

EZ SQUATS 'Weight Plate' accepts up to six Olympic Plates. Placing up to 270# safely in hand with EZ SQUATS 'Sure Hold' rubber grips. For maximum exercise range of motion, EZ SQUAT may be combined with elevated step platforms.

Lifetime replacement warranty. 

US Patent #9,498,676