EZ SQUAT Combo Pac Free Weight Glute exercises handles

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  • EZ SQUAT COMBO PACK delivers value and performance with ability to load with both Olympic Weight Plates and Dumbbells!

  • Patented Designs are proven performers delivering fast, safe and effective alternatives to Barbell Squats and Deadlifts.

  • Perfect for Team, Gym, or Club training, EZ SQUATS are easy to instruct and instinctive to use.

  • EZ SQUATS are Commercial Grade, USA Made with Lifetime Replacement Warranties.

  • EZ SQUAT Weight Plate WILL NOT FIT Olympic Weight Plates with LESS THAN 2-1/8" DIAMETER BAR HOLES! (such as .IVANKO / YORK / ELEIKO brands).

  • EZ SQUAT Dumbbell accepts all standard dumbbells with a minimum 5" handle length.

Looking for a Faster, Safer, More Comfortable way to Squat and Deadlift? EZ SQUAT 'Weight Plate' & 'Dumbbell' deliver Big time! This Super Savings Pack delivers Easy Weight Changes with Zero Negative Body Rub. EZ SQUAT 'Weight Plate' features Patented Handles that release when lowered. To add or remove Weight Plates. And once returned those Handles then lock into position when raised for the exercise. While EZ SQUAT Dumbbell attaches to all common dumbbells in seconds! Unlike common barbell leg exercises, EZ SQUAT keeps loads safely close to the body. And off of spine, shins and thighs. Making EZ SQUAT the perfect solution for Youth Sport Conditioning and Team Training. Non intimidating easy to instruct and use, this value package is the perfect addition to any training facility.