HOG LEGS 'Fist Full' Pullup Handles & Tricep Attachment

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  • Builds Legit Grip Strength and Endurance!

  • Shaft or Ball Grip for Extreme Pull Ups, Cable Triceps Extensions, and Forearm Curls!!

  • Patented 'Never Drop' Attachment Hooks fit pull up bars to 1 3/4" round!

  • 1-1/4" Round Powder Coated 'Non-Slip' surface with 3" Ball Grips!

  • 500# Load rated for aggressive workouts!

  • Detachable hooks free the Fist Full for Cable Triceps and Forearm Workouts!

  • Complete with FREE Gripper Tubes to terminate lateral slide.

  • Made in USA. Commercial Grade with Lifetime Warranty.