TRIBELLS 4" 'Hi-Tech' Single Tricep Extension Dome

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o be Freestyle Motion

Single Tricep Ropes & Dumbbells R a JOKE!

  • Do Cable Machine Dumbbell Extensions & Dumbbell Kickbacks!

  • Strengthens and Conditions Triceps, Forearms, Wrists and Hands!

  • Ultra-thin 500# Strong 'Live Wire' Cable unleashes triceps!

  • Patented Hi-tech 4" Sport Grip activates more muscle than tricep ropes!

  • For use with all common Triceps Rope Exercises!

  • Blows away inconsistent dumbbell gravity/leverage tension!

  • Uses Superior & Consistent Cable Machine Tension! 

  • Hygienic Design disinfects in seconds!

  • USA built & Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty!

US Patent #8,491,448 B2

TRIBELLS 4" SINGLE blows away single tricep ropes and dumbbells! Because you grip TRIBELLS Hi-Tech hemispheres like a ball. To be thrown down against a Cable Weight Stack. To deliver way more consistent resistance than ropes or Dumbbells can. Fan the flame for gains with patented TRIBELLS. To build Symmetrical Triceps and Blazing Forearm Power! By freeing muscles for maximal force production. With TRIBELLS 'Live Wire' cable suspension. That's completely superior to thick, inflexible triceps ropes. Get freakish triceps workout results with a TRI BELLS 4" SINGLE! 500# pull rated & complete with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.  US Patent # 8,491,448 B2 TM