HAULIN HOOKS 'HARDCORE' 2 in 1 Weightlifting Hook Straps Combination

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 The absolute best in market for Dead Lifts, Shrugs, Rows, Pull Downs & More!

  • Patented 2 in 1 Product Use Hooks OR Straps.

  • Target and Isolate Muscles with Expert Precision.

  • Patented ‘Never Drop’ 5/16" Hooks.

  • Patented ‘Custom Fit’ Hook Sleeves.

  • 11″ Long x 1.5″ Wide Strap N Wrap.

  • Plush 6mm Neoprene Wrist Protection.

  • Certified 850# load rated.

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

  • US Patent #7,008,355 B2.


 World's only Patented 'Dual' Attachment Option! If you are serious about achieving that next level in size and strength, hook up with a pair of Genuine HAULIN HOOKS Hardcore! Featuring Patented 'Never Drop' Hooks and Strap N Wrap capacity, you can select on the fly which way to get your hold on for any given exercise!. Say a thumbless dumbbell row for bodybuilding style targeting, or old school Strap and Wrap for those 1RM Dead lifts! Whichever you decide HAULIN HOOKS will never let you, or the weight down until your good and ready! Try that with the malformed hooks of our low budget competitors grip aids! Oh and don't fear to slap on those plates up to 850#! The plush comfort wrist will protect and the adjustable hook sleeves will keep the load safely in hand. For added assurance let it be known only HAULIN HOOKS are USA made, complete with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, that you'll never get the chance to use!